The Korean Ophthalmic optics society
Journal of Korean Ophthalmic Optics Society

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PISSN : 1226-5012

Journal of Korean Ophthalmic Optics Society is the official journal of the Korean Ophthalmic Optics Society. Abbreviated title is ‘J Korean Ophthalmic Opt Soc’. It was launched in 1996. It contains original articles, case reports, and reviews on Optometry, Contact Lens, Visual optics, Ocular examinations or Ophthalmology, and Vision Science. It is published quarterly in March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 each year. Supplement numbers are at time published.

Total or a part of the articles in this Journal are abstracted in KCI, KISS, RISS, MedRIC, and KMBase, and Korea Science. Circulation number of print copies is 350. Full text is freely available from KOOS homepage ( or This work was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies(KOFST) grant funded by the Korea government (MOSF&MSIP).

Manuscripts should be submitted via the online Manuscript Central website( Other correspondences can be sent by an e-mail to the Manuscript Editor, Dr. Se-Hoon Jung, The Faculty of Beauty Health Sciences, Major in Ophthalmic Optics, Shinhan University, Uijeongbu 11644, Korea (Tel: +82-31-870-3435,e-mail:

Correspondence concerning business matters should be addressed to Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Jun-Kyu Jang, Department of Optometry, Kaya University, Gimhae 40139, Korea (Tel: +82-55-330-1119, The subscription price of this journal is Korean Won, ₩30,000 annually.

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